Quilting Services

At Stitched Quilting Co we specialize in all-over, edge-to-edge, or
custom quilting designs on my 14 foot Gammill Statler Stitcher.
I have a wide selection of pantographs to select from.

Custom Quilting

Custom quilting is my specialty. The price of your quilt is reflected in the complexity of the quilting.

Edge to Edge

I have a selection of designs that you can choose from. I call this ‘what you see is what you get’
design. This is a good design choice if you the quilt design and fabrics are the focus of the quilt.

These designs add nice texture to the quilt top and are great for busy fabrics.
I have three price points for this service .02/per square inch less sense quilting .025/square inch
for medium density and .03/square inch for dense quilting. The price is determined by how
close the lines are to each other. I use my Gammill Statler Stitcher to complete these quilts.
When considering this option the design can be altered in size.

Here is the Gallery of these designs to be selected from.

The stitching here is done by me. It will be unique and beautiful but will not look like a
computer. The designs are me ‘drawing’ on the fabric.

Allover Design

The allover design is a design that I do free hand. The design would be uniform over the entire
quilt. Again the price is dependent on the density of the quilting. The price can change from
.02/square inch to .04/square inch.

Custom Quilting

There are many levels of custom quilting. Custom quilting can include the use of rulers, channel
quilting, free hand designs, outlining, stitching in the ditch, echo quilting, feathers, dense
quilting, with marking and intricate designs. The level of detail reflects the price. Collaborating
with the quilter is one of my favourite parts of quilting. Whether you come to me in-person for
a consultation or you are out of town, we can communicate on line and come up with a quilting
plan for your quilt top. I can help you decide on the quilting choices and the price point. The
stitching here is done by me. It will be unique and beautiful. The designs are me ‘drawing’ on the

Each quilter is unique and has their own signature. One of the unique quilting styles I like to do
is a form of graffiti quilting or doodle quilting. You can check out many examples in my gallery.

The following services are charged by the hour at $50 per hour.

  • Piecing your back
  • Square up quilt top
  • Cutting excess threads

Binding Services

Priced per linear square inch (add up the length of all 4 sides of your quilt and multiply by the
amount below)

  • (length of quilt x2) + (height of quilt x2) x cost per linear square inch= total cost of binding
  • To make a traditional Binding you will attach yourself- .10
  • To make and attach a traditional binding by machine to the back of the quilt .20
  • To make and attach a traditional finished binding by hand with a blind stitch .40
  • Thread changes cost, $2 per change of colour.

How It Works

  • Here is a simple guide to calculate the size of your quilt: if your quilt top is 70 x 80 muliply 70×80=5600 square inches now multiply 5600 inches by .02 so the total will be 112.00
  • I accept quilts in person or mail in beautiful Nanaimo, British Columbia. If you live in the area please call or email me to make an appointment.
  • I will email my shipping address to you. Pack your top in a plastic bag in case the package should get wet in transit. Always get the insurance, your quilt is precious.

Fine Print

  • If there are any concerns about your quilt such as wavy borders, wrinkles, and excessive thread, I will contact you and we can discuss the options. I am very clear and up front about my pricing and services. You will never have any surprises when paying for the services rendered.
  • Minimum charge is 50.00 per quilt. Quilts of all sizes
    are welcome.
  • If you are shipping your quilt to me for quilting, the customer is responsible for shipping both ways. I highly recommend insuring the quilt both ways. I do supply batting so that can reduce the price of shipping one way.
  • Stitched Quilting Co is not liable in any way for any loss or damage to any quilt or quilting material resulting from fire, theft, water, or any other cause.
  • I make every effort to avoid sewn creases or folds on the back of the quilt. Occasionally this occurs due to the type of fabric used on the back.