Mini Monthly Quilt Along 2018

The CO in Stitched Quilting Co stands for many things: one of which is Collaboration and Community.


I contacted a fellow quilter last summer with the proposition of collaborating together which would expand my quilting community since I physically moved away from my quilting community in April 2017. Julia from Briar Hill Designs and I had a great time chatting and face timing as we came up with this fantastic adventure.

We combined our greatest strengths her pattern writing and quilting knowledge with my free motion quilting skills to build a 12 month skill building course. We start out simple and build complexity both of quilt building and free motion quilting skills.

Here is what you can expect:

Quilters who sign up may pay per month or in a lump sum of $95 for the year. Their payment allows them to be included in our private Facebook group and this is how the schedule works:

The first week they receive the pattern of the monthly mini.

The second week participants share their fabric pulls.

The third week Dara shares the video of how to quilt it along with several options (PDF diagram of the mini is included so they can practice before quilting).

The fourth week everyone shares their finished mini and that qualifes them for a giveaway.
The process continues for 12 months!!

Julia and I live on polar opposites of Canada, hence the name ‘Coast to Coast’. We have never met in person but have been able to connect through technology to plan this year long project. We are excited to be sharing our expertise and build a community of more confident quilters.

So happy you dropped in to see what this is all about and look forward to learning together.

Here are more patterns to look forward to: