About Me

I am a Canadian. A wife. A mom of five kids. A community builder. A teacher.
A quilter. A free motion quilting enthusiast.

My two grandmothers holding me when I was 3 months old

The main drawback with quilting was my fear of free motion quilting and
the disappointment that I could not execute the entire project
all.by.myself! I hated having to take my precious creations to a long
arm quilter. So with much effort and courage I decided to challenge
myself to learn how to free motion quilt. I did a lot of stitch in the
ditch. I realized that I could quilt a straight line through three layers,
so I could expand my abilities to doing different types of quilting
with straight lines. I was determined so I put the work in. This has
been a great journey as I am always learning, growing and enhancing
my skills and knowledge. When I realized that if I could stitch in the
ditch, I could free motion quilt, my life was changed forever!

Fascinated by sewing

Both my grandmas were raised by homesteaders in the Canadian
prairies where they learned to sew and create their own clothes and
beauty. I was drawn to the idea of individualizing myself, my
wardrobe and my surroundings from a young age. I begged my mom
to teach me how to sew at a young age and finally decided that if I
wanted to learn I had to do it myself. I made my first pair of shorts
when I was 10 and continued to make many skirts, dresses and
clothes to the present. I am not sure why but at 19 I was driven to
make my first quilt. I have never looked back. I made quilts for
everyone and anything.

Early beginnings

“A quilting project can be done

100% by you, start to end”

My journey to teaching free motion quilting has been spurred by the passion I feel that a quilting project can be 100% made by you, start to end. I love showing fellow quilters how they can be successful. I was a school teacher for 8.5 years and love to teach. After 5 children I did not want to go back to school, but I needed that creative outlet teaching provides for me, so teaching provides for me, so teaching quilting seemed to be the logical solution. I feel invigorated and honoured to be a part of my student’s adventure.




I started to teach quilting at my local quilt shop by designing my own patterns. I would do my own free motion quilting on them. My students
asked if I could quilt their quilts like I had done. After going through boxes of spray basting quilting for clients, my husband and I decided it was
time to buy a long arm. I have a Gammill Statler Stitcher were I do edge to edge and custom quilting. I really love the time I spend teaching.
You can also find me teaching on you-tube.

See my calendar section for my upcoming classes.
There are so many places that I receive inspiration for quilting.

Nature is a big source of Inspiration for me.

Other things about me

I am tall. I love people. I love being a mom. I love to decorate and renovate homes. I love to travel and learn about other customs and traditions. I love to do family history and am inspired by the lives of my ancestors. I love to laugh. I tend to look at every situation as an opportunity to learn. I love nature and receive strength from its beauty.